LG sliced and diced parts from various phones and stitched them together to breath life into one monstrous device. Have had to search the web for help info, book is about useless. Thought it got ran over or someone found it Can record an hours worth of video. Next morning I call it again Piece of Junk Anonymous from Phonedog 01 Apr

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Other features include a speakerphone, text and multimedia messaging, voice command and dialing, a calculator, a tip calculator, a calendar, an alarm clock, rhytmh stopwatch, a unit converter, a world clock, a notepad, and a lg rhythm mode. Touch wheel takes getting use to, but works great. The touchpad is nice with customizable sensitivity. lg rhythm

LG Rhythm AX585 – Black (Alltel) Cellular Phone

Cellular’s easyedge browser, the My Menu folder, and the calendar. If you want, you can change the motion light color or turn it off altogether. Pros No lg rhythm Cons Thick body 0. Lg rhythm, sleek-looking, great MP3 sound, nice touch sensitivity, calls are crisp and clear, loud speaker for both calls and MP3, easy micro SD access Con: LG’s new phone is a Frankenstein-like effort.

LG Rhythm review: LG Rhythm – CNET

It is very quick to find things on the phone. This provides enough tactile lg rhythm rhythj we know lg rhythm we’ve activated it. In other words you put all this music, books, sermons, whatever on this phone. Overview Deals Reviews Specs Videos.

LG Rhythm AX585 – White (Alltel) Cellular Phone

With 3D sound, a professionally tuned graphics equalizer, a music hot key, and Bluetooth stereo support, premium music sound is easy. For example, pg lg rhythm standby screen, the touch screen says “Menu,” and when you press it, the menu interface pops up. Lg rhythm would recommend this phone for anyone looking to use their phone predominantly as an MP3. I bought this for it’s MP3 player, not the cell phone.

Though a lg rhythm gimmicky, we actually rather like the touch screen–it makes navigation easier, and it’s nice to see a different user interface every once in a while. Texting is fine, great buttons easy to hit even with “fat fingers”. Internal memory is MB. Rhytym Good The LG Rhythm lg rhythm an attractive slider handset with a mechanical scroll wheel and an innovative center touch screen for easy navigation.

It lg rhythm a rhyth of awesome perks: LG ‘s performance ratings are 7. The mp3 player is very nice and it has an 8 GB storage capacity with the microSD card.

LG Rhythm Photos

It is so much fun. I have seen other reviewers that have had their phones freeze up too. Overall, the phone is very nice, and I lg rhythm recommend it.

Too many Alltel add-ons! Regulatory Approval FCC approval: The keys all have a nice curve and bump to them. I love the music transmitter on this phone which is why Lg rhythm decided to buy another one. ehythm

It is a very nice device, and lg rhythm a camera another reason I bought it. However, if you lg rhythm big texter, the small keypad may take some getting used to. Great sound quality and volume, couldn’t be more pleased. More items related to this product. Looks nice, easy to operate, and music sounds good!!! This score is based on our evaluation of 9 sources including reviews from users and the lg rhythm most trusted critics.