Best shaft for a Ping g10 Started by callawayguy10 , Jan 28 First outing was not great, as I was trying to hammer it, but yesterdays round produced better results, with a few brilliant drives, in soggy conditions. It feels great off the club face as well. When I started I was most impressed with the Ping G2. Register for free today! As my Cobra is now illegal it was time for a change.

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I shall stick with the Rapture now and get the occasional lesson to correct my slice which I call a power fade!!!

Finally I can keep up with the big boys. Didn’t think it did much more than best shaft for ping g10 original G5 and I’m not a fan of the alignment aid on the top. We take actual images of the item you are buying! After reaching its maximum point of compression derived from the elasticity of the ball and the force at which it was hit the ball will begin to rebound to its round shape, react against the clubface and have a forward momentum imparted upon it, both from the rebound and the reaction to the club face impact.

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The only factor that is changeable is the force at which it is struck which determines the distance travelled. The love-it-or-hate-it crescent vor the crown is a even more subtle than before and the new colour scheme looks very good.

So my question, can a club really best shaft for ping g10 that much difference and if you were me, would you put your hand in your pocket. Posted 28 January – Overall a very satisfied customer.

Shaft flex and hence kick point can effect the spin imparted on the ball. The softer the ball, the more spin you will get within limits. Feel and weight excellant.

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. There is also a bit of confusion between swing speed and club head speed, you say that your swing speed is between 95 and 98 mph, what was it exactly when you hit all three? No worries–you dor a heck of a driver.

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The Cobras, Nikes TM etc are now a distant memory of expectations unrealised. With me so far Luke? The G10 best shaft for ping g10 has a higher launch angle designed to get the ball soaring. Overall a very nice club that performs very well for its intended market.

Get yourself to American Golf or similar beet explain what has happened don’t mention you won’t be getting the club from there!

If not, please start a new topic. I put my Gor Made XR best shaft for ping g10 the shelf for this club and simply don’t regret it. Stick a club head on the end of it in various diferent orientations and swing it at 90 mph and you will get a different kick every time.

I have just bought a G10 and updated from the G5. The deep face certainly means you won’t sky it.

Already have an account? Gender neutral restroom – NYC. Skip to main content. If you tried to fold it in half by putting the flat bits together best shaft for ping g10 bends quite easily.

Like in my old G5 I have a 9 degree stiff shafted, with a prolaunch red.

Which Driver Loft?

Check out the pics so you can see the actual club. Its going to give even more confidence to the amateur golfer when sat behind the ball at address. My fitter recommended the Rombax for my swing profile with the Whiteboard as a close second.