Tapes that are too old or low quality can create a variety of capture errors which is described in the article “Signal Protected message when capturing video”. Can the USB go bad? A pop-up keeps showing whenever I plug-in the device stating that “Found USB Device” after software completes install. You realize of course that C is not compatible with Windows 7 and has not been certified for it. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I must admit that, this is largely my fault.

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Read this to see if it helps. Everything that was installed is still on my computer.

Windows is giving me an error that the unknown USB device has failed and when I tried to roxio usb 2861 from the original disk it says the device is not connected when it is the port works for other USBs Thanks.

I’ve read-through the detailed installation instructions in your link and have since removed all traces of Easy VHS to DVD from my computer and re-installed it from scratch. Give us some time rpxio help roxio usb 2861 out.

Roxio Video Capture USB – Transfer Video to DVD

I’m having he same problem as Roxio usb 2861 but using windows 7. I have spent several hours trying to find it and install it without success. Posted December 28, During my investigations thanks to Jim’s troubleshooting walkthrough that showed the roxio usb 2861 manufacturerI’ve googled any possible USB driver downloads for eMPIA and just get links to sites that want me to install their malware.

However, when I installed the software following the insert card’s instructions explicitlyI’ve found that the USB capture device is not being recognized by Windows.

Resolving common capture issues with the Roxio Video Capture USB device

In any case, I chose to Repair, just in case the default Roxio driver install from the CD was damaged somehow. My computer lost the connection to the Capture Device. I’d just hit that brick wall, ‘taking roxio usb 2861 product back for a refund. For kicks and giggles i tried all 4 usb input’s on back and all 5 on front and none of them worked for the Roxio usb 2861 Card.

Roxio Video Capture USB is not recognized by Roxio Products

A pop-up keeps showing whenever I plug-in the device stating that “Found USB Device” after software completes install. I’ve used the search function on the forum and found topics that were close, but roxio usb 2861 exact, to my issue.

Which means I have to immediately start hoping that this isn’t another one of those criminally-misnamed products that will only capture video from a digital camcorder or other digital device a roxio usb 2861 in any case, and will not, in fact, function with a standard VHS dinosaur.

I was so close! Also, I apologize if this is another repost of this problem: Since all the ports there are full, I just thought that the front ports would be fine not thinking that they are probably hubb’ed. Bad news first – it will never work to your roxio usb 2861

Roxio Easy Vhs To Dvd Needs Driver – Audio/Video Capture and Output – Roxio Community

Unfortunately that company’s been sold and the new owners have not seen fit to update anything for Windows 7. I’ve actually roxio usb 2861 and installed this in my previous attempts to resolve the “driver-less” issue with no luck.

Before I begin, I understand this isn’t the best subforum roxio usb 2861 this topic, but all others are software-specific – none of which help.

Here is a link to look at that might help you rxoio Posted December 23, roxio usb 2861 Make sure the tapes you are trying to record from are of good quality. Thanks so much for all of your help and concern.

It’s most likely a setting inside VLC – something isn’t perfectly ideal for this capture card. Roxio usb 2861 followed the steps he did when had “success” but that didn’t work. Looking in the Device Manager, I could see that the device was seen, but Windows didn’t know roxio usb 2861 it was, as there was no driver hooking it in.

Can the USB go bad? However, seeing that it is now a bona-fide suggestion, I’ve re-downloaded it and ran the installation again. Thanks for the quick reply.

However, ports on the front of a computer can be connected to a different part of the roxio usb 2861 and may have a different specification reducing transfer speed. Posted August 2, As I understand you, all you really want to do is use rooxio Laptop screen at a Gaming Monitor while you play a console game.