Without further ado, I will tell you how to fix your controller provided you’re having the same problem as me — the lights on the controller flash for a moment then stay off 1. Open the start menu, and type in “devmgmt. Now, instead of browsing for some drivers for the software, select the option below something to do with selecting from a list. Anyway, I did install that, and then I tried to uninstall it. It doesn’t work really. August 17 , and I was having the self-same problem.

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Yes No Sorry this didn’t help. Nicolas Elmer replied on April 12, Seems as though Microsoft mysteriously got rid xbox 360 madcatz controller the driver for it on their compatibility site. Use this and click next. You’re now in the rather familiar Device Management page! MadCatz’s first offerings include a variety of video cables for every conceivable connection to the TV, a headset for Xbox Live, and, as expected, a new controller.

Now, instead of browsing for some drivers for the software, select the option below something to do with selecting from a list. It doesn’t work really. You will get a warning box saying it might do your system harm.

The analog sticks stand extremely tall over the face of the controller and sit upon very narrow stalks. Double click the MadCatz controller in the list.

[SOLVED] Madcatz Xbox USB Controller Setup

I decided I’d register on here xbox 360 madcatz controller tell madcatx what I found in case you’re still following this thread. Nicolas Elmer contorller on April 5, It worked on my laptop, but not on this one. The Start and Back buttons are located above the center Xbox logo as opposed to on each side, making xbox 360 madcatz controller less obtrusive visually but more difficult to reach in manual use. Unfortunately, the success of the triggers does not carry over to other aspects of the GamePad Pro’s analog control.

xbox 360 madcatz controller Though not a huge issue, I found myself having to take my hand off the prong mdacatz reach the Start button to pause a game, which adds a bit of extra time to the motion xbox 360 madcatz controller effectively got me killed in Call of Duty 2 when I needed to pick up the phone in the midst of a firefight.

I have the same question The consequence of this difference is that the GamePad Pro’s sticks are easier to lose grip on, and the increased range of motion leads to a bit of thumb fatigue even in the hands of a well seasoned gamer.

Anyway, I did install that, and then I tried to uninstall it. Go to the drivers tab.

Your controller now should be lit up and should work properly. In xbox 360 madcatz controller, depressing the sticks to active the stick button like for steadying aim in CoD2 without also leaning the stick left or right is nearly impossible because of the height and narrow stalk of the sticks. Madcatz just has xbox 360 madcatz controller “idgaf” attitude and only hosts drivers that they didn’t throw onto Microsoft’s site in the first place.

MadCatz also made some adjustments to the button layout. This site in other languages x. I just bought myself a nice computer and used my Madcatz controller model on it. I saw this post this morning well, technically yesterday morning: Tell me if that solves your problem.

May xbox 360 madcatz controller, Applies to: Did this solve your xbox 360 madcatz controller Because the GamePad Pro’s sticks sit much higher, the angle at which the sticks lean over at the limits of their input range is much more severe. In reply to Asburkum’s post on April 10, The fact that it actually does some things better than the official controller is a major step forward for a third party offering, and its shortcomings are not deal-breakers.

Open the start menu, and type in “devmgmt. Sorry this didn’t help.