The Intensity was a little brighter sounding than I’m used to, and callers complained that they heard more external noise than on other Verizon phones. Recently, Jamie ran the consumer electronics and mobile teams at PCMag, and before that, he was the Editor-in-Chief of Smart Device Central, PCMag’s dedicated smartphone site, for its entire three-year run from to The keys are a bit rubbery, but I could still type pretty quickly. But there was a huge focus issue: Includes Verizon’s usual nickel-and-dime messaging apps. The Samsung Intensity’s built-in 1.

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Bug with how SMSs are handled when out of service area fixed 5. Includes Verizon’s usual nickel-and-dime messaging apps.

View All 6 Photos in Gallery. Intwnsity offered a clean design, a usable keyboard, and just enough power for messaging fiends at a bargain price.

Samsung Intensity II SCH-U460 (Verizon Wireless)

About the Author Maya Walker began writing professionally in Bottom Line The Samsung Intensity is a nicely designed messaging phone samsung intensity software good battery life and a powerful speakerphone, but the camera and lack of 3G were disappointments. Bottom Line The Intensity Samsung intensity software isn’t intensityy powerhouse Internet phone, but it’s a solid budget option for frequent texters and social networking mavens.

Samsung Intensity User Manual; Cons Non-standard headphone jack. Samsung intensity software 01 June Several UI software enhancements were made to the way the device handles interruptions when running applications 3. Pros Improved screen resolution.

You can sideload music via the microSD card slot beneath the battery cover but not battery ; my 16GB SanDisk card worked samsung intensity software. Camera and Conclusions The 1. There’s no 3G or Wi-Fi, so forget about high speed Web softawre. My 16GB SanDisk card worked fine in the side-mounted slot. There’s no 3G or Wi-Fi.

The back panel’s subtle soft touch texture makes the device easy to hold without making it feel like a giant pencil eraser. The original picture remains on the Intensity, while a copy becomes stored on your Samsung intensity software. A bug seen in xoftware mode when replying to a call with a text where the letter E was not working has been fixed. The Intensity includes three menu themes: I liked Planet, because I’m an samsung intensity software buff. There’s 95MB of free internal memory for music and photos.

Samsung Intensity II SCH-U (Verizon Wireless) Review & Rating |

Pros Solid build quality. We haven’t given a Verizon feature-phone a very high rating in a while. Samsung SCH u 1.

Applications opened via smart links will now close properly when asked to from the UI samsung intensity software. The speakerphone was fairly loud, if a tad harsh. Verizon’s usual pair of extra-cost e-mail clients hook into most major Web portals, except Gmail and Google Talk.

Choosing one changes up the menu icon arrangement and animations as well as the colors and wallpaper. Get Samsung intensity software Best Stories! That said, it’s not much of a media device, and Verizon finds many ways to charge extra for tiny samsung intensity software of data consumption. The pictures currently saved to the phone’s memory card will display.

Samsung Intensity Specs – CNET

The Cosmos lacks a music player and less internal memory, but it’s better built and has a better speakerphone and camera. Release the picture in the folder to upload it to the computer.

A dialog window will appear to show samsung intensity software progress of the upload.