While performance per watt is useful, absolute power requirements are also important. Hence, it is generally used when the workload is not CPU-bound. Most of the power a computer uses is converted into heat, so a system that takes fewer watts to do a job will require less cooling to maintain a given operating temperature. Due to static power consumption and asymptotic execution time it has been shown that the energy consumption of a piece of software shows convex energy behavior, i. A core bit RISC processor”. For instance, 3DMark stresses the 3D performance of a GPU, but many computers spend most of their time doing less intense display tasks idle, 2D tasks, displaying video. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Instruction pipelining Bubble Operand forwarding Out-of-order execution Register renaming Speculative execution Branch predictor Memory dependence prediction Hazards.

Claims of improved performance per watt may be used to mask increasing power demands. Energy required for climate control of the silenh surroundings is often en9600gt silent counted in the wattage calculation, but it can en9600gt silent significant.

This page was last edited on 26 Marchat SWaP space, wattage and performance is a Sun Microsystems metric for data centersincorporating energy and space:.

Dynamic frequency scaling

Due to static power consumption and asymptotic execution time it has been shown that the energy consumption of a piece of en9600gt silent shows convex energy behavior, i. Peak performance of any system is essentially en9600yt by the en9600gt silent of power it can draw and the amount of heat it can dissipate.

Single-core processor Multi-core processor Manycore processor. Since increasing power use may increase en9600gt silent temperature, increases in voltage en9600gy frequency may increase system power demands even further than the CMOS formula indicates, and vice versa. Dynamic frequency scaling also known as CPU throttling is a technique in computer architecture whereby the frequency of a microprocessor can be automatically adjusted “on the fly” depending on the actual needs, to conserve power and reduce the amount of heat generated en9600gt silent the chip.

History of general-purpose CPUs.

Dynamic frequency scaling – Wikipedia

Lower energy consumption can also make it less costly to run, and reduce the environmental impact of powering the computer see green computing. The efficiency of some electrical components, such as voltage regulatorsdecreases with increasing temperature, so the power used may increase with temperature.

En9600gt silent the 2D or idle efficiency of the graphics system may be at least as significant for overall energy efficiency. A decade ago, dynamic power accounted for approximately two-thirds of the total chip power. Retrieved 21 November In a climate controlled environment, reductions in direct power en9600gt silent may also create savings in climate control energy. Literally, it measures the rate of computation that can be delivered by a computer for every watt of power consumed.

Graphics processing units GPU have continued to increase in energy usage, while En9600gt silent designers have recently focused on improving performance en9600gt silent watt.

Software can often incorporate overclocked frequencies en9600gt silent the frequency scaling algorithm, if the chip degradation risks are allowable. The processor AsAP 2 chip is the first en9600gt silent processor chip which enables individual processors to make fully unconstrained changes to their own clock frequencies.

Performance per watt

Retrieved from ” https: Consequently, performance per watt of a GPU design translates directly into peak performance of a system that uses that design. En9600gt silent cooling demands makes it easier to quiet a computer. The power loss due to leakage currents in contemporary CPUs and SoCs tend en9600gt silent dominate the total power consumption. National Institute for Computational Sciences News.

System designers building parallel computerssuch as Google’s hardwarepick CPUs based on their en9600gt silent than Green performance per watt of power, because the cost of powering ssilent CPU outweighs the cost of the CPU itself. Retrieved 6 En9600gt silent Retrieved 21 April Since computer manufacturing is energy intensive, and computers often have a relatively short lifespan, energy and materials involved in production, distribution, disposal and recycling often make up en9600gt silent portions of their en9600gt silent, energy use, and environmental impact.

This page was last edited on 4 Aprilat So their power draw may depend on temperature, and the temperature or temperature dependence should be noted when measuring.

With modern GPUs, energy usage is an important constraint on the maximum computational capabilities that can be achieved.


In computingperformance per watt is a measure en9600gt silent the energy efficiency of a particular computer architecture or computer hardware. Dynamic en9600gt silent scaling is another related power conservation technique en9600gt silent is often used in conjunction with frequency scaling, as the frequency that a chip may run at is related to the operating voltage. Retrieved 14 November Webarchive template wayback links Articles containing potentially dated statements from June All articles containing potentially dated statements Articles en9600gt silent potentially dated statements from August Articles containing potentially dated statements from November Articles containing potentially dated statements from June Articles containing potentially dated statements from November De Vogeleer; et al.

Hence, it is generally used when the workload is not CPU-bound.