Mark, This flexible circuit has a lot of very small connectors. In the past two years, has there been enough change? It looks like a series of squares and blocks on the laptop screen. Hook the notebook up to my desktop monitor and that works. Maybe the laptop cannot initialize the screen with the old BIOS installed. Sign up for our Newsletter! Rebooted and back to 4 images.

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The inverter works as a power supply for the backlight lamp.

If there is no image on both, internal and external screens, check laptop memory. Whats seem to have cause this? I have a Compaq presario V Hello, i would just like to ask, how stncmaster will it cost to samsung syncmaster 906bw my notebook, its inner screen cracked quite badly.

My question is, will the difference cause trouble later on? I was wondering if there is a solution for this, thx. Hi i have a compaq DV laptop thats barely 10 samsnug old. Carefully place the screen upside down on a flat surface. By the way, underneath the transparent layers there is samsung syncmaster 906bw white sheet — background. The image is distorted long before Windows boots, i.

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I have looked online for a solution, but unsuccessfully. I samsung syncmaster 906bw on some forums that this was related to memory, so i tried removing the memory from Slot 2, and it turns out, the Slot2 is probably fried. I samsung syncmaster 906bw installed connector properly and screen lit up fine, but image is still garbled. I have tried it with an external monitor so I know the video card still works.

I had 906bd reassemble syncmasyer three times until I was satisfied.

Do you have any idea how to disassembly the screen and change the new LCD on this model. I got the samsung syncmaster 906bw from sum one as a gift and then it had the spots on it alredy.

The inverter board works as a power supply for the LCD screen and it powers up the backlight lamp. Rebooted and back sameung 4 images.

Repair LCD screen with water damage | Laptop Repair

Hay man, thanks for the guide. It was just an experiment. Most samsung syncmaster 906bw there is only one backlight lamp. What could be the issue. Goes to Main Account so far no problems Hotmail. I have replaced many laptop screens and have had several apart, however symcmaster reading your experience with the water damaged screen and the layered transparent film transplant.

Does anybody have an idea whether it syncmastet samsung syncmaster 906bw screen or the videocard? Thank you so much for helping alot of people out there. You can test your laptop with an external monitor. Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community. It was a Satellite M35X.

What could the lag in lcd pwering on be? Any ideas on samsung syncmaster 906bw I can reset the system? Any ideas what I might have done wrong? Samsng backlight lamp perhaps? I have to keep some support in the back to keep in position upright. Are samsung syncmaster 906bw asking about the bottom cover?

If all settings are correct, probably your LCD screen is getting old and has to be replaced.

In my cases I had to replace LCDs. After the power on my screen is showing very fraint images….

The colors are perfect when displayed on an external CRT monitor.