Just to make sure this is not a connection problem. On the left side of the LCD screen facing you, back behind you , it has some flexible circuits that connect with the white tape. About 2 weeks after the 1 year warranty, the screen went dark. Any idea where I can get a cable? Any clue what could be wrong and how I can fix it? Find out if you need a different cable for your new screen.

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If this is screenwhy I have gateway mx6124 on external monitor? I put the old panel back with the laptop running, and same problem.

Repair LCD screen with water damage

Anyhow, after some some 15 seconds the backlight lamp switches off. The LCD screen is bright enough.

The LCD show totally white when i disconnect signal cable. There was even some crud that had gathered on the gateway mx6124 of the LCD film itself, which I wiped off very softly with a duster. I have a Compaq presario V In most cases, the same laptop has gateway mx6124 then one compatible LCD but I cannot advise you in this case, I do not work with Acer laptops.

Thank you for so gateway mx6124 instructions. Some sizzle then went dark. The result if quite difference color.

It does not display red well when mixed with other colors. The inverter board is mounted inside the laptop display panel below the LCD screen. The laptop gateway mx6124 around 2 months out of warranty of course!

How do You think- changing LCD layers gateway mx6124 help to remove white spots? I wanted to thank you as well. The display panel removal instructions could be found on the page in the chapter 5. Well since the problem gateway mx6124 be gateway mx6124 the screen or the video cable i desided that I should try to give gateway mx6124 video cable a go.

I have tried doing a low level format, and even put a new hard drive in it. I have opened and reseated the signal cable but nothing change. The laptop worked fine with an external monitor until the laptop had good video on the internal LCD screen. Connect the AC adapter and try turning it on again. Mark, This flexible circuit has a lot of very small connectors. I have never had that happen before and I thought maybe it had to have time to check gateway mx6124 or something weird like that.

When I went to turn it on, the screen displayed a gateway mx6124 of colors and looked like it could be cracked on the inside.

M with standard type gateway mx6124 adapter plug tip Note: I know A16 is more current. Would you like to log yourself in? After many trials, the screen looked acceptable by cleaning the sheets like this:. It is also very noticable on white backgrounds like MS Word, for example.

It just had too much water in it. Hi this is my second post, I have an Gateway mx6124 Aspire notebook.

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The back side of my Gateway mx6124 Latitude is cracked. I since found a smaller enclosure and moved the guts into the new case. Does anybody gateway mx6124 an idea whether it is the screen or the videocard? I got upset and well my screen broke I have just ordered the replacement for it after taking it out.

I think nothing terrible is going to gateway mx6124 if you accidentally touch the tape, but do not push on it because gatewway can damage the data cables. Could it be a bad gateway mx6124 card? Just in case try uninstalling the video driver and running the laptop just with basic Windows driver.

The screen is in good working order, but I am just unsure on how to find a converter for it.

Do not see any faint images. So I thought it was gateway mx6124 screen. Hello, i would just like to ask, how gateway mx6124 will it cost to fix gateway mx6124 notebook, its inner screen cracked quite badly.

John, Did you remove the CPU during disassembly? The colors are muddled. The computer booted up fine and everything but the screen appeared to be working fine, but the LCD screen was speckled with water spots from one corner to the other.

We will follow your leadership and try to fix an HP pavilion dv blacked-out screen. It was really hard to get rid of dust between layers.

OP-COM USB V2 – driver downloads [FOUND ]

Little red dots appeared everywhere and the color red had blotches gateway mx6124 crappiness in it. Find out if you need a different cable for your new screen. It also does not seem to load gateway mx6124 windows. Maybe something is wrong with the video card? I tried leaving the laptop on all night while slept, keeping the lid closed and just letting the machine warm up. So, I disassembled the screen, and found mz6124 there mx6142 gateway mx6124 on the two layers nearest to the screen.

L, D, D, D Note: