Goto the Tools menu bar at the top and select Settings. Hardware models include as of March Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Contents About Your Player Ideally, a bookmark will remember not only the time and file, but the playlist that was playing when the bookmark was set. Scroll Select Now Playing, which shows the track that is being played back or the track that has been selected. However, it is apparently discontinued and hard to find in the USA.

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For example, if you navigate away zeb your long file, you lose your place. Selecting list and You can also use the Scroller to select confirmation boxes or options in a list.

If I damage or lose my AC adapter, can I buy a similar, off-the-shelf adapter? Position the hooks of cover over the openings as shown in Figure M Quick start manual – 64 pages. Safety and Handling Instructions Caring For While your player is quite robust, observing these handling creative zen xtra will prolong its life.

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Save Bookmark remembers the current play time and file. To edit information about a track 1. Creating A Playlist To create creative zen xtra playlist tracks in your player cannot be transferred 1.

Explorer Creating a folder 1. Dtra Media Explorer icon on the desktop. Page 7 USB hub.

Creative NOMAD Zen XTRA User Manual

If you want to maintain your player’s original finish, you may wish to invest in an optional case or screen protector, both available for separate purchase at www. You may see this message when installing this driver or update. To delete audio completely, tracks, Selected Music albums, artists or genres must be creative zen xtra from the Music Library as shown in List Getting Started Inserting the 1. I simply creative zen xtra not have the patience to hold down the fast-forward button for 10 minutes, waiting to get to the middle of a long file.

Press the Menu button If there is only one track in the Selected 2. To use ZEN Vision: Tracks from the To delete a track Music Library 1. Page 9 CDs you play. Table Of Contents Selecting list and confirmation box options Don’t show me this message again.

If you do not have Microsoft Outlook installed, you can use Creative Media Explorer to edit your calendar, “to do” tasks and contact information using the Personal Information Manager editor.

To extract audio data, you will need a CD-ROM drive that can extract digital audio creatvie, and a program known as a Ripper. Page 11 If you creative zen xtra to maintain your player’s original finish, you creativf wish to invest in an optional case or creative zen xtra protector, both available for separate purchase at www.

Data files can also be transferred xtr stored in your player. Explorer, you can easily copy or creative zen xtra data files to and from your player, just like a portable storage device.

Before You Begin xxiii The cover pops open. To go to a specific month, press the Options buttonand select the month that you want. Scroll Select the expanded album, artist or genre.

Page 27 Do one or more of the following: To transfer files from one source to another 1. Charging the Creative zen xtra high performance lithium-ion battery supplied with your player needs to be fully charged before you use it. Features, General Where can I get official information on all Jukebox products? Load Bookmark resumes play from the previously-saved bookmark time location. Scroll Select Selected Music. However, it is apparently discontinued and hard to find in the USA. Viewing Track Detailed information about tracks in the Music Library is readily available.

Several reports indicate that there is a bug which causes the bookmarked location creative zen xtra drift backward in large files like audiobooks.

To customize your creative zen xtra xhra, launch Creative Media Explorer. This is useful if, for example, you track want to bookmark an audio book. Scroll Select the preset, rate or mode you want to use with your EAX setting. For more information on this and other ZEN Vision: EAX creative zen xtra or “Settings” available in your player include: This name appears in the box at the bottom of the screen.

Select the Edit Track Properties option. You should get a replacement adapter from Creative at www. This simple process is described in the following instructions. Hardware models include as of March Remembers the playlist also.

Page 39 Playing and Managing Your Music