Thanks for saving me a bunch of time: I have the same webcam. The fact that the drivers don’t work with either method, along with the fact that the camera works in linux, suggests that it’s a driver problem and not a hardware problem. Bit of a bump but I came across this topic while searching for a solution to the same problem. If you have a hardware revision then the only way you can get it working is with the original Creative driver for Windows XP, running in Virtualization with the method Adam M MCP linked to.

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Can you send me the driver solved that works?

Gspca/Spca5xx, Spca5xx-LE WebCams Driver

Friday, Creative pd1130 10, 4: Proposed as answer by Qjimbo Monday, April 05, 1: I found a solution after looking up my camera in mac cam’s database: Tuesday, June 09, 6: After windows finishes chugging away, do “Have Disk Do not install this modified driver, creative pd1130 there’s any security concern.

I figured I’d should share one bit of info I learned for people who do have the and creaitve trying to install the driver on Windows 10, which became more “aggressive” about not wanting to install unsigned drivers you can’t just click “Yeah, creative pd1130 ahead and install it anyway” now: Monday, April 05, 1: If it says PD, then it’s E.

The cam is back up and running. Creative pd1130 From My Forums.

I’d appreciate if someone with more knowledge and skills creative pd1130 identify why this solution isn’t working for me. This device needs the sensor configuration from the Creative driver from PDev.

Thursday, November 18, Choose, Choose from a List, Have Disk Wednesday, December 13, 9: Anyone knows how to solve this? It mentions that there are drivers on this site: Last week I install the Windows XP mode and virtual PC and the driver was no creative pd1130 recognized and could not be reinstalled.

Tuesday, August 31, 6: However, creative pd1130 your processor supports virtualization you can actually install these Windows XP drivers creative pd1130 this method.

Saturday, April 17, 5: Thanks for saving me a bunch of time: Office Office Exchange Server.


Probably a way of modifying the ini file to make it auto-install but I can’t creative pd1130 the trick to do it. Saturday, April 09, creative pd1130 I use 64bit windows 10 did not work with me. I have the same issue as yourself and I was wondering if you creative pd1130 got your cam to work?

When I try to update the driver in the regular way as you suggest, Windows simply says that no drivers for my device have been found with all four driver packages.

Edit – when I change the. The file can later be moved to a Collector’s Account.

This site uses cookies creative pd1130 analytics, personalized content and ads. This limit is reached. If not, please creative pd1130 me by trying to explain what CornGuo replaced, what he probably modified in the. Here’s the error I get when trying to download it:.