From the Printer menu, select Values. Page Image Clipping Leading and Trailing These settings clip truncate the image so printing begins in the correct position. Dispositivos de Captura Tenemos todo tipo de dispositivos de captura. Minnetonka, MN Change the information sent by the application if possible.

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Range 0 to in thousandths of an inch Increase Value Increases the amount of unprinted space on the leading or trailing edge of the card.

DataCard CP60 Service Manual

Use the Status menu to view settings and data about the printer. Route datacard cp60 plus out through the side of the chassis.

Fix any catacard that you see. Quality Vision To be the most successful, innovative and trusted solutions provider, enabling secure financial transactions and identification globally for our customers.

Remove the Main Enclosure and card hopper p. For more details on our Datacard cp60 plus Certification, view our certificates of approval.

Entrust Datacard products have been reviewed for SVHCs at the article-level and the SVHC s listed below may be present in the listed articles datacard cp60 plus levels above the concentration limit of 0.

Orientation is important for reading the smart card. Use datacardd lifting techniques when moving or installing the equipment.


Cam Motor Removal Procedure Unplug the printer. Remove datacsrd Main Enclosure p. If the customer requires a custom start sentinel position, alter the numeric entries for each track in the entry boxes.

Page 92 Datacard cp60 plus Printer Values Use the Printer Values dialog box to change the operational parameters of the printer. Change the cleaning sleeve and replace the cartridge in the printer. Remove the Swingarm Cover p.

Cancel the current print job. He has served as President and CEO since Remove datacard cp60 plus hopper from the chassis. Handoff offset should be 77 cp0 larger than the Home offset. It is recommended that you not change this setting.

Lift the pulley-end of the shaft, slide it out until the roller touches the sidewall, and lift the other end out of the chassis. See the Data Formatting Guide to delete logos if needed. See “Cleaning the printer” on datacard cp60 plus 39 follow.

DataCard CP60 Printer Manual

Printer and driver should match. Removal and Replacement This chapter provides instructions for removal and replacement of assemblies and parts in the CP60 and Datacard cp60 plus Plus card printers. Rotate the datacard cp60 plus clockwise, and remove it through the side of the chassis note that the encoder is pointing straight down during removal. Page 73 DR The printer driver was not installed You may not have restarted Windows after you successfully.

Remove the LCD from the hopper: The record length is the total number of binary datacard cp60 plus characters that can be stored on a magnetic track. Also See for CP60 Printer manual – cl60. Lift the opposite end of the shaft and remove the roller.

At a minimum, use the Start and End Data commands. Whenever a problem arises that is related to the duplex module, the first thing to check is datacard cp60 plus cable between the duplex interface board and the main control board.

Press in on the transport chassis locking tabs, and lift up on the back of the transport assembly. You will see satacard prompt for changing the destination datacardd. Enter these as datacard cp60 plus next. Page 35 Type II: