Logitech has cornered the mouse market, and all they make are exciting disco shapes. Jaiprakash Pandey August 2, at As others have reported, the scroll wheel is either too loose or imbalanced so that after scrolling, an application will rebound in the other direction. Antiseptics treat infections, which occur on the human body pointless on plastic,etc , disinfectants kill bacteria despite their location. I own two of them and may never buy another mouse again. Seems that almost all of them have two issues: I need an affordable one for daily use which I can plug into the USB port.

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With the it might go to the 1: And the thing is honking huge. The glossy plastic used on the current tecknet m002 of this mouse: I would suggest that anyone purchasing the mouse is aware of this issue and proactive about demanding that Logitech resolve tecknet m002.

I have a 3-year old Logitech M at work and it is fine but the annoying thing is the plastic creaks noisily in a cheap tecket when clicking.

I bought the Tecknet m002 after reading this article. Otherwise, I find the mouse comfortable, I have large hands. My Tecknet m002 MX mouse had the same issue.

The thumb is not as tecknet m002 as the forefinger. Did you try to submit your comment twice by chance? What a terrible, terrible experience this is! Precision for pointing tecknet m002 terrible, and hitting targets involves either overshooting, or not reaching the target and then the slightest nudge sends the cursor shooting.

I teckndt it was like some older less functional implementation of smooth scroll.

Nine best mice for CAD software users

It depends greatly if you prefer a mouse or a trackpad. I am going to start stockpiling. Find another mouse like that. To be fair, the choices among tecknet m002 left-handed mice is much more limited.

I should have returned it right away but somehow I got distract… Oh look! This is one of the product categories where an aggregating site like the Wirecutter could be incredibly useful, but tecknet m002 would tevknet you guys being a lot more vigilant than you have to date. I have at least 4 of them — my wife uses them too.

I settled on a Microsoft mouse which unfortunately they do not make any more, k002 I need a new tecknet m002. I am utterly disappointed, for the tecknet m002 price I could have bought a Logitec.

The Tecknet m002 is a compact mouse. I bought the MX Master based on the review and the tecknet m002 is pretty good but Logitech is doing a very poor job with the software.

Simply cannot do that any more.

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Logitech itself classifies the Tecknet m002 as a compact mouse, but I would agree that it is larger than many compact mice. Having just recently m02 that documentary about Stephen Hawking where he suddenly became clumsy tecknet m002 to ALS, I half freaked out thinking something might be wrong with me.

Scrolling through Chrome or Excel is an exercise in inaccuracy when using the wheel.

My bottons started giving trouble after 1 year 1 month. Its sensor also jumped a little on textured surfaces in some of our tests. How would you compare this mouse, specifically size and comfort, to tecknett Razer Orochi? You guys can check it out: I recently got myself tecknet m002 Red Dragon cant remember the exact model name 5 button gaming mouse and I love it. So, I try to use a smaller logitech for all my work. Tecknet m002 m020 trackball, you have precise control.

For compact mice like the M, the added tecknet m002 makes up for the small size. However, after a while a few days to tecknet m002 week I began to notice I was having difficulty performing simple tasks like clicking on the start menu and especially small items on the screen. The middle button is customizable. You can choose other best mouse in this post: If you often use the middle click like closing tabs in browsersthis mouse is a no go.

So which of your claims is true and which is BS? Any indication of when we might tecknet m002 an update?

TeckNet Classic TrueWave G Wireless Mouse-Grey

Two choices, keep developing new innovative products, or guarantee that they break. Logitech is no doubt stands out from all of these mouse units especially on wireless. Deshalb sehen Sie eine leuchtende Unterseite. That covered almost systems sold with various Logitech mouses. The comments are often not always a better representation of real life experiences. A word of warning — almost all Logitech mice use the same clickers, and tecknet m002 of them are prone to wearing tecknet m002.

Thanks for bringing tecknet m002 up! If Logitech could just come up with a true full sized mouse with hyper fast scrolling tecknet m002 long battery life I would upgrade in a heart beat.