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Jun 7th Guest You need Berserker or someone who has a bomb. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Sorry that’s all the info I know. The Return of the King. Jun 27th Guest Where do I go to get the characters that ringgs unlocked after each level??

Comments for Introduction Add a comment Please log in above or sign up for free to post comments. I am stuck with the black rider on the ipad version.

Download | The Lord of the Rings Online

Walkthrough – Act II. Please do not be rude, what may be obvious to you may not be to others.

Log into your account here: You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. The one before the actual Battle of Helm’s Deep. Aug 14th Guest How do I get past the thing after the 2nd elephant. Aug 5th Guest I’m on Helms Deep and I’m having some trouble can someone explain how to beat that level?

Shelob’s cave Cirith Ungol Middle-Earth: Thanks and best regards!!! Does anyone know how I get it please?


May 05, Guide contains: Dec 12th Guest Wow! I haven’t seen it mentioned in the guide anywhere.

Players can team up in pairs as adorable LEGO The Lord the Rings minifigures to lego lord of the rings strategy guide pdf download countless dangers, solve riddles and battle formidable foes on their journey to Mount Doom. Traverse the Misty Mountains, explore the Mines of Moria, knock on the Black Gate of Mordor, and partake in epic battles doownload Orcs, Uruk-hai, the Balrog and other fearsome foes while harnessing the humour and imagination of LEGO gameplay to solve puzzles and explore Middle-earth.

This may be laying about, or you may need to smash things. How do you aim and throw the apple at the bird? Related Games you might like to see: This is the second time I tried.

Latest Team Posts What new on the Teams forums. Special Pikachu Edition GB. Jun 17th Guest Typically ice walls are yuide by building a fire. Years PC Pokemon Yellow: Pokemon News and updates Keep informed and updated Pokemon Giveaway Our pokemon experts can help you. Print this page More Guides.

Walkthrough – LEGO Lord of the Rings Wiki Guide – IGN

Sengoku Musou Sanada Maru. To a new website, it does not have much your attention, but I wish you could give me a favour in advertising, introducing it to people by sharing its link for your friends, family members through out Facebook, twitter and other websites. Dec 17th Guest Can someone help me.

Walkthrough – Act I. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Posts Discussion 1 Unlimited wealth lego lord of the rings strategy guide pdf download Isengard! May 17th Guest Hi: Apr 13th Guest I am on a Nintendo 3ds struggling on taming Gollum.

What’s New on SuperCheats? Thank you for printing this page from www. Aug 12th Guest Please help! Every game requirements please contact lod mail I will reply you as soon as possible.