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Leader of chorus of women And you, old death-in-life, with your fire? Lysistrata Ah, but those are the very sheet-anchors of our salvation — those yellow tunics, those scents and slippers, those cosmetics and transparent robes. Chorus of old men [singing] I suspect a mighty peril; I foresee another tyranny like Hippias’. Magistrate Then money is the cause of the war?

Lysistrata That is not the same thing. Leader of chorus of old men Come, Philurgus, man, lysistrata aristophanes full text pdf download hurry there; let’s lay our faggots all about the citadel, and on the blazing pile burn with our hands these vile conspiratresses, one and all — and Lycon’s wife first and foremost! Her cruelty and scorn only redouble my passion.


Well, in today’s Assembly did they vote peace? Oh, wanton, vicious sex!

Lysistrata Don’t you feel sad and sorry because the fathers of your children are far away from you with the army? Then as for our Colonies, you must think of them as so many isolated hanks; find the ends of the separate threads, draw them to a centre here, wind them into one, make one great lysistrata aristophanes full text pdf download of the lot, out of which the public can weave itself a good, stout tunic.

First semi-Chorus of old men [singing] What unlooked-for things do happen, to be sure, in a long life!

We do lysistrata aristophanes full text pdf download, very wrong. He had a holy horror of ill-conditioned fellows, but he was mighty tender towards women. Magistrate Out with it then; quick, or. Is it not a sin and a shame to see them carding and winding the State, these women who have neither art nor part in the burdens of the war? Cinesias Myrrhine, my little darling Myrrhine, what are you saying? Lysistrata But you were not pregnant yesterday!

What I want is to make love! Magistrate Forward, Scythians, and bind them! You wicked women, have done with your falsehoods! Leader of chorus of women I’m watering you, to make you bloom afresh.

So let my poorer neighbours all come with bags and wallets; my man, Manes, shall give them corn; but I warn them not to come near my door, but — beware the dog! Set the bowl down on the ground, and lay your hands on the victim.

FULL SCRIPT | LYSISTRATA by Aristphanes | Edward Einhorn

And who are you? However, if the matter is so pressing, here we are; so speak. Edinburgh University Press Format Aristiphanes Leader of chorus of old men I will make you hold your tongue, never fear!

Myrrhine But, miserable man, where, where? There now, there’s our fire all bright and burning, thank the gods!

Lysistrata, by Aristophanes

Woman Where is he, this unknown foe? With a fillet binding thy waving tresses, appear in thy loveliness; leap like a fawn, strike thy divine hands together to animate the dance, and aid us to renown the valiant goddess of battles, great Athene of the Brazen House!

Leader of chorus of women Never seek to hide any ill lysistrata aristophanes full text pdf download has befallen our cause. War is men’s business! That is my first point.