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In example A the lick begins with a chromatic approach to Bb chord root. It works for me when I was transcribing licks like this too. Make sure you try these slowly, especially example 3.

George Benson – The Art Of Jazz Guitar (Video+Booklet) Download

G chord 5thE chord 3rdG chord 5thBb chord 7th. George Benson is a real master of the instrumental melody. In analyzing the same notes as before, we see that the first chromatic approach to Bb is now an approach to the chord 3rd of Gm7. In bar 2 the lick ends with an approach to the very gworge 9 note of the F7 Ab and chord root F. Lets take a look to see why this downlad work… In example A the lick begins with a chromatic approach to Bb chord root.

George Benson was unusual for a jazz guitarist, in that he had a fantastic voice to george benson art of jazz guitar pdf download his amazing guitar-playing skills. Move into different keys.

Play Guitar Like George Benson – Video Lesson – Fundamental Changes | Fundamental Changes

Cownload guys, thanks for checking out these licks in the style of George Benson. We upload at least one video a week, usually 2, so make sure you subscribe. In example B, after adding a II — V progression, the lick still outlines the harmony. His combination of pure jazz, funk and pop made him the ultimate jazz crossover artist.

Similar to lick 3, lick 4 works great over a dominant chord. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

To me he is jazzz synonymous with the minor ninth chord as demonstrated here. This is a great lick featuring a chromatic approach from G to A the chord 3rd of F7continuing to the chord 7th Eb and finally descending to the chord 5th C.

Play Guitar Like George Benson

Make sure you apply strict alternate picking and start slowly with a metronome. Try using all of these chords with the gentle funky strumming pattern and move them into different keys for new jazzy sounding progressions.

Notify me of new posts by email. The most interesting part of this lick is the rhythmic phrasing. The combination of single notes, and double stops and the vocal quality all add to the sound. The lick begins on the off-beat of beat 2 and ends with 3 syncopated notes in the second bar.

Maybe just get used to the changes first, and then apply the strumming pattern. This example here is around D major, kind of fits with the Example 1 chords, and you start off with a very classic Benson style, little D major type lick, and then we introduce george benson art of jazz guitar pdf download double stops up the neck that he likes to do as well.

See you next time. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Lets take a look to see why this might work…. Coming back 4 notes, or picking the top notes, then coming up the 3 lower notes. In lick 3 notice how playing the same lick over 2 different sets of changes sounds great. There was lick 1.

The lick starts off using triads, adding guuitar some slides and chromatic elements. Just as in lick 1 this lick also begins on the off-beat. G minor 7 and Ab major 7 form the backing to this sophisticated jazz line.

George Benson – The Art of Jazz Guitar

You can build these into your pentatonics to bring a really jazzy, sophisticated flavor. Often Benson would sing the same line he was playing.

The chord 7th of Gmin7 F bdnson used on beat two, followed by a chromatic line over C7.